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Starlink's Strategic Retail Expansion: Launching at Costco

Starlink's Strategic Retail Expansion Launching at Costco

SpaceX's Starlink, known for its innovative satellite internet service, has embarked on a new retail journey. By partnering with Costco, one of the largest retail chains in the United States, Starlink is now making its advanced satellite internet kits more accessible to consumers.

Starlink's Retail Strategy:

The decision to sell Starlink kits at Costco marks a significant shift in SpaceX’s distribution strategy. This move is part of a broader effort to expand service availability through retail channels in the U.S., making high-performance satellite internet more accessible to a diverse customer base.

Product Offering and Benefits:

Costco is offering the flat high-performance Starlink dish, designed for varied uses including on boats and RVs. Priced at $2,499, the same as on Starlink's website, the package from Costco includes an appealing incentive of two months of free internet service upon activation.

International Expansion and User Base:

SpaceX’s partnership with Costco isn't limited to the U.S.; it extends to other countries like Japan, and Starlink dishes have been reported in stores in Canada. This international expansion aligns with Starlink’s goal of growing its user base, which currently exceeds 2 million. The company had an initial target of reaching 20 million users by 2022, indicating why expanding retail presence is a key strategy.

Starlink's Competitive Retail Presence:

Besides Costco, Starlink kits are also available at other major retailers like Best Buy and Home Depot, showcasing SpaceX's commitment to making its satellite internet service widely available and competitive in the retail market.


Starlink's venture into retail through partnerships with stores like Costco represents a strategic move to increase the accessibility and visibility of its satellite internet service. This expansion not only benefits consumers by offering more purchase options but also positions Starlink as a more accessible and user-friendly service in the satellite internet market.


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