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In my professional life I'm a digital forensic analyst with a long history in systems administration and technology support. 


Outside of that I'm known as a "computer guy" and camera junkie with a passion for capturing people, places and moments.  


If you'd like to know more check out the social links above or simply ask.


Tap2Space is a cutting-edge digital marketing solution that revolutionizes the way businesses connect with customers. 

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Wearable smart device

Patent Pending

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Photography has always been an interest and after a friend gave me his old Canon T3i on a road trip I was amazed by all I was missing by using only my smartphone to capture the world around me. 

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Inspired by creators like Peter McKinnon, Matti Haapoja, Casey Neistat and so many more this year I've started building the skills to use all the photo gear I already have to produce entertaining and educational content.  


A passion for as long as I can remember fireworks represent an almost perfect combination of beauty and energy.

As a photographer I've found the challenge of capturing this combination in various stages even more beautiful.  


One of the most exiting projects of my life Xplosive Art combines my love of cameras and passion for fireworks to create truly unique works of art.  As a nice bonus this project has evolved to include a myriad print services ranging from business cards to elaborate prints on nearly any medium. 


All teachers are students.  The more I understand about the photographic art the more I am compelled to share it with others. 

Aperture Adventurers takes aspiring photographers on location and out of automatic mode to explore the relationship between the light triangle and enigmatic manual camera settings.

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