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Morning Coffee (Coffee Porn)

It was three days after I got home from Pa. when I realized not only have I not had coffee in three days but I didn't even have a coffee maker at home. My plan was to self-quarantine for 14 days. Locked up at home working 10-14 hours at a clip without coffee! Naturally, I went to amazon to order a coffee maker...probably get it in a day or so right? FUCKING WRONG! The best I could get was almost 2 weeks! I was at Walmart 15 min. later to find NO freaking coffee makers! Actually, there was a couple but all over the top coffee bot BS. I hesitated. Almost got one...then I remembered a Peter McKinnon video about coffee...hmmm maybe nobody is buying pour-over coffee makers? Checked the "Zon" ....$20...2 day it the next day! I also ordered an electric kettle, coffee grinder and an assortment of beans. The entire order was about $70 and was making coffee less than 24 hours into my panic.

OK, so dude...

I'm never going back to shit coffee. If you like coffee, you gotta get one of these things. As stupid as it sounds this thing has made coffee about more than a drink. It's been about 2 weeks and my morning routine is better than ever. I get my shower etc. Then...its coffee time! Fill the kettle...hit the button...grind the bean blend and lovingly dump it in the filter. Now, the best part...the pour! It's a slow process but worth it. Hitting the dry grounds with hot water is awesome! Immediately you get the smell. It’s not like I didn't just smell coffee when I ground the beans but when the water hits that random blend of beans the next 5 min. is like drinking the first cup with my good way.

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