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Meet The Kid Who Made $1M with ChatGPT

Joe Popplus, once a simple university student earning $11 an hour stocking shelves, discovered a golden opportunity nestled within the capabilities of ChatGPT. Here's how he spun AI into a million-dollar business by generating ebooks.

The story is fascinatingly simple. Joe, during his early days, worked on use cases for OpenAI's GPT-3. Realizing its potential, he contemplated the integration of AI into diverse business models. Inspiration struck when he discovered a publishing company earning a whopping $2 million monthly, without employing any AI-related processes.

Seeing this as an open playing field, Joe embarked on his journey of creating books using AI. Within months, he had generated numerous books, hitting a significant profit milestone by the end of December, all while juggling his college studies and a part-time job.

Starting in the AI-generated ebook business isn’t merely asking an AI to "write a book." The process is methodological. Joe highlights the significance of creating a book outline first. For instance, if a book has five chapters, one should detail what topics each chapter will cover. Then, the AI can generate content based on each topic.

Despite the technological advantages, Joe emphasizes the importance of meticulous proofreading to ensure the books' quality.

Surprisingly, the AI book-making isn't the most intriguing part of Joe's success story. It’s the way he markets them. Using Pinterest, a platform frequented by middle-aged moms, Joe sells his ebooks. But why Pinterest? The platform provides a perfect storm of niche audiences that can be targeted through consideration campaigns, helping sellers identify the most lucrative niches.

Landing pages play a pivotal role too. They offer potential buyers an insight into the book, from chapter previews to the overall brand image, driving conversions.

With such a lucrative business model, competitors are bound to emerge. However, Joe isn't concerned. With a well-established brand and a loyal customer base, he sees potential saturation as an opportunity rather than a threat. It pushes businesses to offer more value, improving the market as a whole.

Joe's business, which he started on a tight budget, now has a valuation close to a million dollars. And, it's not just a one-off. He sees the opportunity as a repeating cycle, building a book brand, selling it, and starting over.

While Joe has reaped significant financial benefits, he's not splurging. Apart from a valuable Rolex, he’s keen on reinvesting and growing his businesses. His advice to budding entrepreneurs? Prioritize learning over earning. It’s the amassed skills that make ventures like his almost fail-proof.

In a twist, Joe, after delving into the world of AI books, retreats into the world of music. As a house music enthusiast, he has already produced tracks available on Spotify under his name. Who knows? AI music might just be his next big venture!

Joe's journey with ChatGPT is a testament to the untapped potential of AI in business. With passion, dedication, and a sprinkle of creativity, the possibilities are limitless. If a college student can create a million-dollar business while studying, imagine the potential it holds for dedicated entrepreneurs!


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