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iOS 18 Leaks: AI, Security, & Customization

iOS 18 Leaks- AI, Security, and Customization

As the anticipation for WWDC 2024 reaches a fever pitch, iOS 18 is set to revolutionize the iPhone experience. Drawing from a trove of last-minute leaks and rumors, this update promises to be one of Apple's most significant releases yet. Here’s what’s coming with iOS 18, based on reliable sources.

Nostalgia Meets Innovation

Starting with the least cared about features of iOS 18 is the introduction of retro wallpaper packs. These wallpapers hark back to the iconic designs of early iPhones, providing a nostalgic touch for Apple users who have record players. This move may hint at Apple's desire for a steampunk future based on its storied history.

Enhanced Security and Personalization

Security gets a major upgrade with the ability to lock individual apps using Face ID or Touch ID. Core applications such as Mail, Messages, Notes, Photos, Safari, and Settings will now offer this feature, eliminating the need for workaround shortcuts.

Additionally, iOS 18 extends dark mode to app icons, giving the entire interface a cohesive, sleek look when dark mode is enabled. This visual enhancement is a testament to Apple’s attention to detail and user experience.

Redesigned Settings and Home Screen

The Settings app, a daily touchpoint for most users, is undergoing its first major overhaul. Expect improved navigation, better organization, and more reliable search functionality.

In a nod to customization enthusiasts, iOS 18 allows app icons to break free from the traditional grid layout. Users can now place icons anywhere on the home screen, and customize icon colors based on categories, though full-blown custom icons remain exclusive to Android.

Messaging Overhaul

The Messages app is set to become more like WhatsApp, with features such as scheduled messages, emoji reactions, and AI-powered smart replies. These enhancements aim to streamline communication and bring Apple's messaging platform up to par with leading competitors.

RCS support is another significant addition, facilitating seamless messaging between iPhone and Android devices, marking a crucial step towards a more unified messaging ecosystem.

Control Center and New App Introductions

The long-awaited Control Center redesign finally arrives, allowing users to rearrange toggles directly within the Control Center. Additional features include multiple toggle pages, a new music widget, and an updated interface for smart home device control.

A new first-party app, Passwords, is also on the horizon. This app will centralize user logins, Wi-Fi passwords, and verification codes, acting as a robust competitor to existing password managers like 1Password and LastPass.

Apple Intelligence: The AI Revolution

AI integration is the crown jewel of iOS 18. Branded as "Apple Intelligence," this initiative will enhance Siri’s capabilities, allowing for precise control over app features and full-on task execution. Expect a smarter Siri that can handle complex commands, like deleting emails or changing camera settings with voice alone.

AI will also enhance Spotlight Search, Photos, and Safari by offering intelligent results, summarizing notifications, and even creating AI-generated emojis based on user input. These features underscore Apple's commitment to making technology more intuitive and user-friendly.

Other Noteworthy Enhancements

  • Notes App: Major updates include voice memo transcription, mathematical notation, and AI-generated summaries.

  • Apple Maps: Introduction of custom routes and topographic maps.

  • Calendar App: Enhanced integration with Reminders.

  • AirPods: New hearing aid and hearing test features.

  • Apple Music: AI-generated playlists and improved song transitions.

  • Accessibility Features: As previously confirmed, a suite of new accessibility features will be included.

iPadOS 18 and Beyond

iPadOS 18 will finally feature a native calculator app, mirroring its iPhone and Mac counterparts. Meanwhile, watchOS 11 and visionOS 2 updates will include significant changes to key apps and features, with a focus on improved Siri interfaces and fitness app enhancements.

Beta Release and What to Expect

The iOS 18 developer beta is expected to drop shortly after the WWDC keynote tomorrow, potentially within hours of the event. As the beta rolls out, users will get their first hands-on experience with the new features, setting the stage for a revolutionary update later in the year.


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