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I'm Bloggin!

I've tried this a few times before so don't be surprised if its doesn't last long. The plan is to focus on two of the three categories (Events, Gear, and General). Obviously, any event I photograph for fun like the ReFest or sunrises/sunsets I'll try to post. However, official/paid events will all be posted to the Events category. Going forward this category will be the primary way to get photos from events. This speeds up the process of making event photos available to participants with the bonus of being searchable. Next up is Gear. Oh how we love the gear! Here I'll share some of the toys I'm using and of course all the ones i want! I might even do an unboxing post from time to time. Finally, General. Pretty much everything else. Me ranting about the crazy lady at the grocery store, thoughts about pizza, gravity and daylight savings, mostly B.S. Enjoy

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