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Awakening the Silent Church: Eric Metaxas's Urgent Call for Faithful Action

Awakening the Silent Church Eric Metaxas's Urgent Call

In an engaging interview with Jordan Perterson, Eric Metaxas delves into the heart of American Christianity's crisis, as he discusses his latest work, "Letter to the American Church." Metaxas draws a parallel between the silence of the American church today and the German church's inaction during the rise of Nazi Germany. He emphasizes the dire need for Christians to stand against tyranny and speak out against the encroaching threats to freedom and truth.

Metaxas's conversation is not just a critique but a sobering reminder of the intrinsic duty within the Abrahamic tradition to combat falsehood. His narrative isn’t merely historical; it’s alarmingly relevant, spotlighting the eerily similar patterns of silence and complicity within the church that have led to societal decay.

In his book, Metaxas doesn’t hold back. He challenges Christians to reconcile their faith with action, to not be bystanders in a world spiraling into moral chaos. Drawing from historical, theological, and personal insights, he makes a compelling case that the stakes are higher than ever. The parallels he draws between past and present, particularly the chilling resemblance to the complacency that enabled Hitler's rise, are a clarion call to awaken from spiritual slumber.

This dialogue is more than a critique of the past; it's a prophetic warning and a rallying cry for the present. Metaxas argues that the current silence in the face of moral and societal degradation is paving the way for a catastrophe comparable to, if not worse than, the horrors of World War II.

Through his narrative, Metaxas not only critiques but also introspects, acknowledging the eclectic nature of his work which spans across various genres, aiming to reach a broader audience with the message of truth and action. His revelation of feeling divinely inspired to write "Letter to the American Church" reflects a deep-seated urgency and a divine mandate that he couldn’t ignore.

The implications of Metaxas’s arguments are profound. They challenge not just the American church but also the global Christian community to reflect on their role in society's moral fabric. His message is clear: faith is not a passive state of mind but an active force demanding courage, confrontation, and commitment to truth.

This is more than just a discussion; it's a wake-up call to the American Church and Christians worldwide. The historical nexus provided by Metaxas offers a mirror to today's challenges, urging believers to act decisively and bravely in the face of rising authoritarianism and moral decay.


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