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Tiny yet Mighty: Meet the New r86s Pro Mini PC

The homelab scene is evolving rapidly, and the new Goen r86s Pro mini PC represents an exciting step forward. With its eight-core Intel Core i3-N305 processor, 32GB of memory, and 25 gigabit Ethernet ports, this system packs a punch - perfect for homelab enthusiasts looking to maximize performance in a small form factor.

This beastly little machine represents a major upgrade over the previous generation r86s. The jump to an eight-core CPU provides approximately 2x the performance, while the addition of 32GB of memory ensures you have plenty of RAM for virtual machines and docker containers. Pair this with NVMe storage options, and you have a mini PC that can handle just about any homelab workload you throw at it.

Of course, the headline feature is the dual 25 gigabit Ethernet provided by the Nvidia Mellanox ConnectX-4 adapters. While we didn't quite hit the full 50 gigabit potential in testing, speeds of over 20 gigabits ensure you have massive bandwidth available for your virtual networking experiments. This opens up possibilities that just weren't feasible with 10 gigabit networking.

The increased performance does come at a cost - higher power consumption and fan noise compared to the previous model. But for homelabbers seeking maximum performance per cubic inch, some noise is a compromise worth making. Just make sure you have adequate airflow!

Overall, the r86s Pro represents an exciting evolution, providing desktop-class performance in a tiny, power-efficient form factor. If you've been looking to step up your homelab without taking over your entire basement, this mini PC powerhouse might just be the ultimate solution.

R86S specifications:

  • SoC (one or the other)

    • Intel Celeron N5105 quad-core Jasper Lake processor @ 2.0GHz / 2.9GHz (Turbo) with Intel UHD graphics 605; 10W TDP

    • Intel Pentium N6005 quad-core Jasper Lake processor @ 2.0GHz / 3.3GHz (Turbo) with Intel UHD graphics @ up to 900 MHz; 10W TDP

  • System Memory – 8GB or 16GB DDR4-2933

  • Storage – 128GB eMMC flash, M.2 socket for NVMe SSD, MicroSD card socket

  • Video Output – 1x HDMI 2.0 port

  • Networking

    • 3x 2.5GbE RJ45 ports via Intel i225-V controllers

    • R86S G-Series only – 2x 10GbE SFP+ cages through an NVIDIA-Mellanox ConnectX-3 dual 10GbE OCP NIC 2.0 card

    • R86S P1 & P2 – M.2 2230 WiFi and Bluetooth? module

    • R86S G3 – Intel AX201 WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.2 module soldered on mainboard plus two external antennas

  • USB – 2x USB 3.0 ports

  • Misc – Power button

  • Power Supply – 12V via DC jack

  • Dimensions & Weight

    • R86S P-Series – 119 x 79 x 27.5 mm | 360 grams

    • R86S G-Series – 119 x 79 x 41 mm | 460 grams


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