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Stay Connected in Crisis: Meshtastic in Your Go-Bag

Preparedness is more than just stocking up on water and canned goods; what about communications? What do you do when traditional networks falter?

As a Floridian hurricanes are a concern every year. However, in our increasingly volatile world where wildfires, earthquakes, not to mention disruptions like cyberattacks reliable communication isn't just a virtue, it's a necessity. The need for reliable, off-grid communication is universal and year-round. In a world where staying connected is vital, how well-prepared are you for the moments when conventional communication methods are down or compromised?

What is Meshtastic?

Simply put, Meshtastic is a decentralized, encrypted mesh network based on LoRa (Long Range) wireless technology. Designed to operate in off-the-grid scenarios, this network enables secure messaging, data transfer, and sensor information sharing without relying on traditional cell or Wi-Fi networks.

Why Should You Care?

Privacy and Security

In a world that's becoming increasingly surveilled and connected, preserving individual freedom and privacy is crucial. Meshtastic's high level of encryption and decentralized architecture protect against mass surveillance and data harvesting. This is why institutions like Rutgers University compare Meshtastic with 3D-printed weapons under the topic of "instructions for encrypted messaging." For those who value their privacy and security, Meshtastic offers a way to communicate without prying eyes.

Grid-Down Resilience

If you're worried about "grid-down" scenarios such as blackouts, cyber-attacks on infrastructure, or natural disasters that cripple conventional communication channels, Meshtastic is your answer. When the grid fails, your ability to communicate shouldn't. Meshtastic nodes can be invaluable in keeping you connected with your community and loved ones in such emergencies.

Versatility and Range

From outdoor adventures to community networking, Meshtastic's applications are wide-ranging. With MQTT technology, the nodes can even communicate across the internet, extending their application to a global scale. All of this comes in a compact, low-energy device, priced at just $75—making it an ideal addition to any go-bag.

Localized, Community-Based Communication

Build your own private network for localized communication. The more nodes in your community, the more robust and resilient your network becomes.

First Amendment for the Digital Age

Just as the First Amendment safeguards your freedom of speech and expression, consider Meshtastic as the First Amendment for the digital age. Your communications remain your own and free from undue oversight or interference.

Upgrade your communication preparedness by building your own Meshtastic Nodes with the resources provided below. Alternatively, take advantage of our pre-configured nodes available for just $65 each. In contrast to recurring phone bills and costly emergency gear, Meshtastic represents a cost-effective, one-time investment that offers lasting security and peace of mind. Don't miss out on this exceptional value.

In an era of unprecedented challenges, it's time to rethink how we prepare for the unforeseen. Meshtastic nodes offer you a robust, secure, and decentralized communication network for any crisis situation. For those who value their freedom, privacy, and community, this isn't just another gadget; it's an essential tool for modern preparedness.

Add another layer of resilience and security to your life. Because when the grid goes down, your lifeline shouldn't.

Pocket Node - The Mobile On-the-Go Unit


- Compact size, easily fits in your pocket or go-bag

- Battery-powered with a USB recharge option

- Long-range LoRa communication with encrypted messaging

- Can be paired with your existing smartphone

- Optional GPS-based location features

Ideal For:

- Individual use

- Outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and camping

- Short-term emergencies

- Secure, off-grid communication with friends and family

MeshHub - The Solar-Powered Home Base


- Extended-range antenna for broader coverage

- Solar panel recharging option for long-term, off-grid operation

- Ethernet port for optional internet connectivity

- Encrypted messaging and data transfer

- MQTT support for home automation integration

Ideal For:

- Household or community emergency preparedness

- Long-term off-grid setups

- Small to medium-sized neighborhood mesh networks

- Coordination during prolonged power outages or natural disasters

MeshTower Kit


- Small helium canister and weather-resistant balloon

- 250-foot tether for rapid deployment

- Extended range and coverage due to elevated position

- Battery-powered with solar recharging option

- Encrypted messaging and data transfer

Ideal For:

- Search and rescue operations

- Large-scale outdoor events or festivals

- Agricultural or environmental monitoring

- Quick establishment of a "tower" in emergency situations

- Enhancing mesh network coverage in larger communities

To build your own Nodes:

Compatible devices:

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