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SITREP 11.22.23


This situation report provides a comprehensive overview of current operations, asset movements, and strategic implications observed and inferred from available data as of November 22, 2023. It encompasses military movements, economic indicators, and geopolitical developments, with a particular focus on the underlying manipulations that could be influencing global events.

Military Asset Movements and Operations:

Flight Data Observations: Due to a technical issue with Skyglass, historical data was not available, prompting reliance on alternative sources for flight tracking. The current aircraft count is at 159 (excluding training flights), which is lighter than usual, potentially due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Surveillance Operations: An increase in survey flights was noted, likely taking advantage of leaf-off conditions for better imaging returns. Additionally, an Israeli Intel aircraft is observed over conflict zones, and C-17 movements suggest potential military preparations or exercises near the Pakistan border.

Geopolitical and Strategic Insights:

Ant-Jar Analogy: The analogy of red and black ants in a jar was used to illustrate how external forces can instigate conflict, emphasizing the importance of identifying the 'shaker' of the jar, which in current contexts could be media manipulation or geopolitical instigators.

Israel and Geopolitical Tensions: Ongoing tensions in Israel are highlighted, with a call to identify who is 'shaking the jar' in this situation. Notably, a temporary truce and the release of hostages by Hamas are discussed, with skepticism expressed about the long-term viability of this truce.

Economic Indicators and Implications:

Logistics Downturn: A shocking downturn in logistics with accumulating layoffs and bankruptcies is reported, with significant companies like Yellow and Western Global Airlines filing for bankruptcy. This section underscores the potential impacts on military logistics, especially during a time of increased global tensions.

Consumer Demand: Reports from Best Buy signal unpredictable and inconsistent consumer demand ahead of Black Friday, hinting at broader economic instability and uncertainty.

Immigration and Human Movement:

Migrant Flights: Patterns in short-haul flights suggest ongoing migrant relocations within the United States, with a focus on the movement of fighting-age males, which may have implications for domestic policy and security.

Incidents and Accidents:

Military Accidents: An increase in military accidents is reported, including an incident involving a Navy P-8 aircraft. Concerns are raised about the uptick being linked to operational tempo and personnel fatigue.

Technology and Capability Updates:

F-35 Software Updates: Issues with F-35 software upgrades are discussed, reflecting on the potential impact on operational capabilities and the pressure to maintain cutting-edge technological standards in preparation for potential conflicts.

International Support and Aid:

German Military Aid: Germany's pledge of significant military aid to Ukraine is noted, emphasizing the continued international involvement in the Ukraine conflict.


Continuous monitoring of military and logistics flights for indications of strategic movements or preparations.

Analysis of economic indicators to anticipate impacts on military readiness and national security.

Vigilance in tracking geopolitical developments, particularly in Israel and surrounding regions, to assess the stability and identify potential 'jar shakers.'

Assess the implications of military technology upgrades and readiness in light of recent accidents and software issues.


The current global situation remains fluid, with potential instabilities arising from economic downturns, military movements, technological challenges, and geopolitical manipulations. The importance of maintaining a holistic view of these developments cannot be overstated, as the actions of unseen 'shakers' could have profound implications for international peace and security.


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