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Open Range Day: How Cheap Bottles of Champagne Become Supernovas

Today grown men in tactical gear, and cheap bottles of champagne collided in a spectacle of madness and gunpowder. And it was GUUUUD!

A sunny day, a gun range, and a bunch of dudes who look like they just stepped out of an action movie, except they're more "The Expendables" meets "Dumb and Dumber." We take shooting very seriously but not much else.

The mission? Simple. Take down an army of champagne bottles. Not your fancy, high-end bubbly, mind you. We're talking the kind of champagne that's so cheap, it's practically begging to be put out of its misery.

The satisfaction of seeing a $5 bottle of champagne explode in a supernova of foam and glass was like living out some kind of bizarre dream set to a stupid '90s Britpop song.

Enjoy the photos... and until next time, keep your powderdry and your champagne cheap! 🍾💥

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