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iOS 17 Now Available - What's New?

Apple's latest software update iOS 17 is now available for download! This major update brings a host of new features that make your iPhone more customizable, intelligent and integrated into your digital life.

The Full Rundown from iOS 17 Release Notes

Apple's iOS 17 isn't just a routine update; it's a comprehensive overhaul that introduces a plethora of new features and improvements. For those who love diving into the nitty-gritty, here's a comprehensive summary straight from the release notes.

Phone Features

- Contact Posters: Personalize how you appear on others' devices during calls.

- Live Voicemail: Get real-time transcriptions of voice messages and the option to pick up mid-message.

Messaging Magic

- Unified Stickers: All your stickers, Memoji, Animoji, and more are now in one place.

- Live Stickers: Create dynamic stickers from photos or videos with artistic effects.

- Check-In: Notify loved ones upon safe arrival at a destination.

- Audio Transcription: Read audio messages now and listen later.

- Enhanced Search: Combine filters like people, keywords, and content types to find messages.

- Swipe to Reply: Swipe right on a message bubble to reply inline.

- One-Time Code Cleanup: Auto-deletes verification codes after use.

FaceTime Upgrades

- Video/Audio Messages: Leave a recorded message if someone misses your FaceTime call.

- FaceTime on Apple TV: Use your iPhone as a camera for FaceTime on Apple TV.

- Reactions and Effects: Add 3D effects like hearts and confetti during video calls.

StandBy Mode

- Full-Screen Experience: When your iPhone is on its side and charging, see clocks, photos, and widgets from a distance.

- Night Mode: Take on a red tone in low light conditions.


- Interactive Widgets: Take actions directly from widgets on the Home Screen, Lock Screen, or in StandBy mode.

- iPhone Widgets on Mac: Bring iPhone widgets to your Mac desktop.

AirDrop and Keyboard

- NameDrop: Exchange contact info by bringing iPhones close together.

- Enhanced Autocorrect: Leveraging a powerful language model for better accuracy.

Safari, Music, and AirPlay

- Profiles in Safari: Separate your browsing for topics like work and personal.

- SharePlay in Music: Control and play Apple Music in the car.

- Intelligent AirPlay: Find and connect to AirPlay-compatible devices more seamlessly.


- Adaptive Audio: Dynamically blends Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency based on your environment.

- Personalized Volume: Adjusts volume based on your environment and preferences.

Maps and Siri

- Offline Maps: Access rich information for places without Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

- Natural Siri Activation: Say “Siri” in addition to “Hey Siri” for a more natural interaction.

Visual Look Up and Health

- Expanded Domains: Discover similar recipes, maps info, and meanings of signs from photos.

- Mental Health Assessments: Understand your current risk for depression and anxiety.

Privacy and Accessibility

- Sensitive Content Warnings: Prevent unexpected display of sensitive images.

- Assistive Access: Simplifies apps and experiences to lighten cognitive load.

Other Notable Features

- Roadside Assistance via Satellite: Contact AAA without Wi-Fi or cellular range (only for iPhone 14 series).

- Pets in Photos Album: Your pets now appear in the People album just like human family members.

- Grocery Lists in Reminders: Automatically group related items into sections.

Ready to upgrade?


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