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Simple Website Fix in 2 Minutes with AI!

Have you ever faced a small website problem that seemed daunting because you weren't quite sure how to write the code to fix it? Well, I've been there, and guess what? AI can come to the rescue!

Recently, I was faced with an issue related to my personal website. While I host my primary domain at, I also own a .net. This is hosted on a different server where I run various web-based tools and utilities. However, there was a hitch. If someone visited the .net domain, they could see all the directories and even browse through some of them. Not the most professional look, right?

This is where the magic of AI enters the story. Instead of doing it myself or getting someone else to do it, I used ChatGPT do it less than 2 minutes.

My request? An index file written in PHP to redirect anyone who visits the .net to the .com.

In seconds ChatGPT starts providing the exact code I needed. All I had to do was create a new file named "index.php" in the root directory of my .net server, paste the AI-generated code into this file, save it, and voila! Now, when someone visits the .net domain, they're seamlessly redirected to my primary .com domain. No more exposed directories or an unprofessional look.

Just another small example of how AI can simplify our lives, even in areas we might not consider ourselves experts.


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