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Rigetti Unveils Novera QPU: A Quantum Leap in Computing

In a groundbreaking development, Rigetti Computing has launched its Novera™ Quantum Processing Unit (QPU), marking a significant milestone in the quantum computing landscape. This 9-qubit QPU, based on Rigetti's cutting-edge Ankaa™-class architecture, promises to open new horizons in computational capabilities and applications.

Rigetti Unveils Novera QPU: A Quantum Leap in Computing

The Novera QPU, manufactured at Rigetti's Fab-1, the first dedicated quantum device manufacturing facility, represents a leap forward in quantum technology. Featuring tunable couplers and a square lattice, it ensures denser connectivity and rapid 2-qubit operations. The innovative design includes:

  • A 9-qubit chip in a 3×3 array of tunable transmons.

  • A supplementary 5-qubit chip, aiding in single-qubit operation development.

  • Advanced components like a signal-conditioning tower, infrared and magnetic shields, and quantum-limited amplifiers.

With the Novera QPU, Rigetti opens a portal to the future of quantum computing:

Hands-On Access to Advanced Technology: Researchers and professionals can now utilize Rigetti's years of R&D, fast-tracking quantum computing advancements.

Facilitating Fundamental Research: The Novera QPU is crucial for understanding qubit operations, optimizing control systems, and developing efficient quantum algorithms.

Empowering Quantum Computing Ecosystem: By making this technology accessible, Rigetti fosters a rich environment for quantum computing innovation.

A Universal Computing Tool

The Novera QPU, designed for gate-based quantum computing, offers vast potential in various domains:

  • Prototyping hybrid quantum algorithms.

  • Calibration, error mitigation, and quantum error correction experiments.

  • Developing quantum computing stack components like control electronics, decoders, and software.

Availability and Pricing

The Novera QPU, priced at $900,000, is a significant investment in the future of computing. Available for order at, it ships within 4-6 weeks after confirmation.

The launch of Novera QPU by Rigetti is more than a product release; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of quantum computing excellence. It's a beacon for researchers, professionals, and organizations eager to explore and shape the future of quantum computing.


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