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iOS 18 – Could Apple's Ajax Redefine User Experience?

iOS 18 – Could Apple's Ajax Redefine User Experience?

Apple's announcement of iOS 18, slated for release in 2024, marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of mobile operating systems. Touted as the most significant software update in years, iOS 18 promises to redefine the user experience with groundbreaking AI integrations and a range of innovative features.

The AI Revolution in iOS 18

iOS 18's centerpiece is Apple's foray into proprietary generative AI technology, aiming to revitalize Siri and position it on par with, or even surpass, competitors like Google Assistant and Samsung's Bixby. This development comes as a response to Siri's stagnation over the years, particularly in areas of accuracy and contextual awareness.

The Birth of Apple GPT: Ajax

Apple's internal project, known as Ajax or Apple GPT, spearheads this transformation. With a budget nearing $1 billion annually, Apple is set to overhaul Siri and compete with leading language models like ChatGPT and Google Bard. This move is a testament to Apple's dedication to reclaiming its position at the forefront of AI technology.

Exclusivity & Compatibility

An intriguing aspect of iOS 18 is its rumored exclusivity to newer models, particularly the iPhone 16 series. While this strategy might boost sales of newer models, it risks alienating a substantial portion of Apple's user base. The integration of AI technology in the A18 and A18 Pro chips, however, suggests a hardware-based rationale for this limitation.

On-device vs. Cloud-based AI

Apple's commitment to privacy leads to a preference for on-device processing, contrasting with the cloud-based approach of competitors like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google. This method may limit the rapid improvement of Apple's AI model but aligns with the company's privacy-first philosophy.

Beyond Siri: A Holistic AI Integration

The advancements in iOS 18 extend beyond Siri. Apple plans to integrate AI across a spectrum of apps and tools, including Xcode, Apple Music, Pages, and Keynote. These updates will enable automatic code generation, AI-curated playlists, and enhanced presentation and document tools, mirroring functionalities seen in Microsoft's offerings.

Generative AI & Mobile Photography

Apple is also exploring generative AI's application in photography. Features like image upscaling and detail enhancement could revolutionize mobile photography, offering users new creative possibilities.

RCS Messaging & Sideloading

Apart from AI, iOS 18 is set to introduce Rich Communication Services (RCS) for improved messaging between iOS and Android devices. This update promises a more seamless cross-platform communication experience. Additionally, the potential for app sideloading could open new avenues for app developers and users, aligning with practices on the Mac.

iOS 18 stands as a monumental update, poised to redefine the capabilities of mobile operating systems. By integrating advanced AI, enhancing inter-device communication, and potentially changing app distribution models, Apple is set to deliver a truly transformative experience to its users.


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