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One Voice Model Creation

We craft a unique voice model using your provided audio recordings. This model captures the essence of your loved one's voice, preserving its tone, inflections, and warmth for future creations.


Three Custom Short Stories

Enjoy three personalized short stories, narrated in the recreated voice of your loved one. These stories can be classic tales, family anecdotes, or fictional narratives crafted by our team to resonate with your family traditions and memories.


One Personalized Christmas Message

Receive a heartfelt, custom Christmas message in your loved one's voice. Perfect for adding a deeply personal touch to your holiday celebrations.


High-Quality Audio Production: We ensure the highest quality in voice reproduction and storytelling, creating an immersive and emotionally resonant experience.

Personalized Content Creation: Our team works with you to personalize the stories and messages, ensuring they align with your family's unique history and preferences.


Easy Process: Simply provide us with the audio recordings, and we handle the rest, from voice modeling to content creation.

Digital Delivery: Receive your custom stories and message digitally, easily accessible and shareable with family and friends.


Limited Time Offer: This special package is available for a limited period during the holiday season. Give the gift of voice and memory this Christmas with VoiceLegacy. Gift Cards Avaialble!

VoiceLegacy Holiday Special Package

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