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Project FireFly

Patent Pending

Inventor: Rich Washburn

A power-packed wearable smart device that combines the disinfecting power of UV light with smart technology. Designed to be a must-have versatile and stylish accessory for Apple Watch and Samsung Watches, FireFly provides the user with instant access to a flashlight and chemical-free protection from harmful pathogens on-the-go. With the power to control functions through taps and gestures, FireFly uses UVRGB+IR (Ultraviolet, Red, Green, Blue, Infrared) light in any combination, brightness, or frequency.


It's like a modern-day Swiss Army Knife! FireFly also includes built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) for digital business cards. With its innovative and user-friendly design, FireFly can be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or anywhere you need it. FireFly is an eco-friendly and convenient solution for hygiene and cleanliness, providing an easy and effective solution for disinfection of hands and surfaces when and where you need it.

Potential markets:

  • Law enforcement

  • Hotels/Travelers/Airlines

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Food Service Workers

  • Schools and Universities

  • Construction

  • Outdoor Events

  • Concerts

Optional Features:

  • NFC E-Business Card

  • IR Illumination 

  • Universal Remote Control

  • Laser Pointer

Protect yourself from harmful pathogens in style!

FireFly Introdution
Drawing 01 WB.png

Always available disinfection feature to keep hands and surfaces clean.

Multicolored flashlight feature for low-light areas including red light for preserving night vision.

NFC functionality allows can be used as a room key at hotels or for digital business cards.

Branding & Promotional Opportunities 

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