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The Portable Wi-Fi Business Card and Localized Web Server. This compact, wearable device revolutionizes the way professionals and businesses connect by turning any physical interaction into an instant digital networking opportunity.


At its core, the device functions as a low-power Wi-Fi access point, enabling nearby individuals to connect and instantly receive one of four pre-loaded digital business cards or marketing materials. These web pages are fully customizable, allowing for the display of contact information, promotional content, or any other relevant data, enhancing engagement and memorability.

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What sets this device apart is its blend of portability and functionality. It can be seamlessly integrated into everyday wear or business accessories, ensuring that your digital presence is always with you, ready to be shared at the touch of a button. The device also features dynamic SSID display and button-controlled navigation, making it incredibly user-friendly and adaptable to various networking contexts.


Designed with efficiency in mind, the device operates on low power, ensuring longevity and reliability during extended use. Its OLED display and integrated LED indicators provide real-time status updates and interaction feedback, enhancing user experience and interaction ease.


This Portable Wi-Fi Business Card and Localized Web Server is not just a gadget but a powerful tool for professionals who value connectivity, innovation, and the power of first impressions in the digital age. It's an investment in enhancing personal branding and elevating networking interactions to new heights.

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