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Hidden Agenda: "THE GREAT TAKING" Documentary


Economic uncertainty looms large, the documentary "THE GREAT TAKING," based on David Webb's book, brings to light a shadowy plan of the global elite aimed at consolidating wealth and power. This alarming revelation dives into a meticulously crafted scheme that threatens the financial stability of the average individual, revealing a looming crisis that could lead to the unprecedented legal confiscation of assets.

The documentary unfolds a narrative where the accumulation of debt is not a mere economic mishap but a deliberate strategy by the global elite to seize control over global assets. This long-term plan, traced back to the 1960s, leverages the dematerialization of securities, transforming tangible asset ownership into a complex web of digital entitlements. The transition from physical stock certificates to digital records marked the beginning of a silent revolution in asset ownership, subtly shifting securities from being personal property to mere contractual claims.

At the heart of this plan is the transformation of the legal framework governing securities. The Uniform Commercial Code, modified state by state since 1994, now views securities as entitlements, not ownership. This shift has significant implications: it obscures the true ownership of assets, placing them at risk in a high-stakes game of financial speculation. The documentary highlights the role of central clearing parties (CCPs), like the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) in the U.S., which hold these digital securities. These entities, operating under the guise of reducing financial risk, in fact, facilitate the use of individual assets as collateral in global financial markets.

The legal landscape, particularly the changes in United States Bankruptcy Law in 2005, further exacerbates the situation. The introduction of "Safe Harbor" laws allows secured creditors to seize assets in bankruptcy scenarios, even in cases of fraud. This legal backdrop sets the stage for a potential financial catastrophe where, during a crisis, these creditors could legally claim ownership of vast quantities of assets, including stocks, bonds, and real estate.

The documentary underscores the imminent threat of a financial collapse, exacerbated by the declining velocity of money and the instability of the current economic system. In this crisis, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are portrayed as a double-edged sword: while promising stability, they could also facilitate the restart of the financial cycle under the complete control of the elite.

"The Great Taking" is not just a tale of impending doom but also a call to awareness and action. It suggests that the ultimate consequences of this grand scheme are not fully understood, even by its architects. The documentary emphasizes the importance of spreading awareness and challenging the existing legal and financial structures to prevent the potential stripping of individual asset ownership.

"The Great Taking" serves as a stark reminder of the intricate and shadowy forces at play in the global economic arena. It compels us to question the security of our assets and the integrity of the financial systems that govern them. As the documentary concludes, the collective awareness and action of individuals are pivotal in confronting and altering the course of this looming economic upheaval.


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